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Replacement Pieces

Hello Wood supports all of its products. 

Please check our online replacement pieces list before sending email or fax.

There are 3 options to replace your puzzle map piece.
This depends on when you bought your puzzle.
If the puzzle was bought after August 2002 it may be laser cut. You can tell by looking at the cut where the land meets the water. If the vertical edge looks brown (burnt) the piece is laser cut. If it looks white it is scroll saw cut.

0ption 1. 
For a laser cut puzzle, you may be able to find your missing piece on the website.
Lasers cut pieces are interchangeable and easily replaced.

0ption 2.
For a scroll saw cut puzzle, we must hand cut, and custom fit the piece.  However, you need to ship us the whole map to fit the piece. Then we fit the piece and ship the repaired map back.

0ption 3.
If you have a scroll saw cut puzzle we can sell you a laser cut piece (unpainted).  The fit may be close, but probably not perfect.  You may be able to fit the piece (a small round file and/or sandpaper should suffice) and then paint it..

We can also sell small vials of paint.

Sorry, we are able to replace pieces for HELLO WOOD PRODUCTS only.

: We use water based acrylics for all of our finishes. The colors and textures of these paints are different from some of our oldest products. When ordering replacement pieces on items like a pink tower where consistent color is important, please send us a sample, like the smallest cube of your tower set.

Please Fax or Email Merri for all other replacement parts.

When asking about replacement pieces, please be as precise and descriptive as possible.
Donít forget to indicate stained or painted.

Include your name, school address, and method of payment.

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